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CIO Roundtable

Horizon CIO Network roundtables are a unique opportunity to create relationships with the most transformative business technology leaders in the UK in a curated debate led by Mark Chillingworth, who has been editing for the CIO community for over 10 years.

From September to July the Horizon CIO Network is offering 10 opportunities for organisations to network and demonstrate value to the CIO community.

Event type:

A London or Leeds based CIO evening roundtable debate featuring CIOs and CTOs discussing an agreed business technology leadership topic.

Event format:

A four hour evening roundtable debate featuring a keynote from a leading CIO/CTO (sourced by Icon Business Media) and a presentation opportunity from the partner; followed by a professionally moderated debate during a three course meal. All Horizon Network dinners are moderated by Mark Chillingworth, CIO Editor for over 10 years, creator of the CIO 100 and the UK’s only CIO podcast, the Horizon CIO Podcast.

Being part of a Horizon UK CIO event:

Exclusive partnership – be the sole supporter of a Horizon CIO Network debate to gain exclusive access to the most important CIO/CTO community in the UK and receive a 10 minute presentation opportunity

Shared partnership – two organisations that compliment each other and work together can collaborate and jointly support a Horizon CIO Network debate. Each partner gets equal access to the most important CIO/CTO community in the UK and receive a 5 minute presentation opportunity each.

Topics for 2018/2019 CIO roundtable dinner debates:

A panel of 50 CIOs from European banks, construction, government, sport, financial services and professional services have helped devise the agenda of topics they wish to explore and to learn from next generation service providers about:

  • Customer centric strategies
  • Change management and leadership
  • Digital transformation – moving away from cost centre and into a revenue enabler
  • Agility, diversity and DevOps
  • Mobility, security and ways of working
  • Clouds, serverless and low code technologies
  • Data, analytics and information strategies
  • Building cross functional teams
  • Information flow – protecting and optimising it
  • Building an extended enterprise
  • Delivering & measuring IT value
  • Demonstrating value, making sure all levels of the organisation, upwards, downwards & sideways understand and benefit from the value technology is enabling

Round table event dates:

October 16, 2018
November 20, 2018
February 12, 2019
March 12, 2019
April 2, 2019
May 14, 2019
June 11, 2019
July 2, 2019

Outcomes from sponsoring a UK CIO event:

15 CIOs registered and attending (typically Horizon events are oversubscribed)
Icon Business Media will seek to recruit a keynote speaker to add to the evening’s content and to increase the success of the recruitment of attendees.
Provision of details about the attendees ahead of the event
Unique opportunity to network and demonstrate your organisation’s ability to help CIOs shape the future of business strategy
Experienced moderator that is trusted by and fully understands the CIO audience
Opportunity to present to the CIO community
Full event management service

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