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CIOs are becoming community leaders

20140328_richard-corbridge_17For the second time this year I and Horizon had the pleasure of working at a technology in healthcare event organised by CIO Richard Corbridge (above) of Ireland’s Health Service (HSE).  These two events, as well as the involvement of Icon Business Media at similar events organised by CIO James Robbins at Northumbrian Water and travel CTO Francesco de Marchis demonstrate the role CIOs play in bringing communities together.

Corbridge has the greater challenge. The Yorkshireman in Dublin is galvanising an entire nation to go on a major journey of transformation.  Corbridge’s events bring together clinicians, startup innovators, healthcare technology leaders, patient’s, government officials and the major vendors for broad challenging discussions on the increasing role technology will play in healthcare.

I believe it is crucial for the CIO to be central to bringing communities together.  For a number of years the CIO community has discussed the insight into every part of the business they have; but as these events show, it is the CIO who also sees the potential impact on patients or customers. The CIO sees the developments coming through from service providers, large and small.  So CIOs must play a role in bringing these communities together to act together and not in isolation.

Top down technology leadership is a thing of the past.  With barriers to entry falling every day, organisations must adopt what analyst house the Leading Edge Forum describe as outside-in approach.  The three CIOs we have worked with this year on innovation events are enabling and benefiting from an outside-in approach.  For a sector like healthcare and in particular as Corbridge described to me on stage in Ireland where the reputation of the HSE has suffered in previous times, an outside-in approach is crucial.  

Any transformation impacts lives.  Discussing the HSE event with visiting NHS CIOs it is clear that the sector is living through a purple period of business innovation leaders that embrace an outside-in approach.

At the HSE events and James Robbins’ event I was struck by the involvement and importance of the senior leadership, including CEOs and Director Generals. It is hard for any senior leader and for any employee to take time out from their roles and just listen, learn and think of the next set of opportunities. But it tells you a lot about the relationship these CIOs have with their wider organisations that they win these hard fought for gaps in the diary.

Creating these events is a big ask on the teams of the CIOs, but as an observer of two national conferences, a hackathon and a business wide event I can vouch for the power of bringing communities together.  It is my belief that it is the CIOs role to bring communities together, innovation is all around us and involves everyone, employee, patient, customer or leader. Coming together to share ideas is essential.

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